14th AeroCom / 3rd AeroSat / 1st AerChemMIP workshop
Frascati, Italy
5–9 October 2015
  • The General section outlines the AeroCom 2015 program, lists the participants, presents the submitted abstracts, contains introductory presentations and announces the next AeroCom meeting in September 2016 in Beijing
  • The AeroCom section contains AeroCom 2015 oral presentations
  • The AerChemMIP section contains AerChemMIP oral presentations
  • The AeroSAT section contains AeroSat 2015 oral presentations
  • The Posters section contains summary slides of presented posters at the Frascati meeting


NOTE: the presentations are in restricted access. As a participant of the workshop, you should have gotten login information.


  1. program of the 15th AeroCom workshop
  2. participants of the 15th AeroCom workshop
  3. abstracts of presentations of the 15th AeroCom workshop
  4. welcome to the 15th AeroCom workshop by M. Borgeaud (ESA)
  5. workshop goals and looking back at recent AeroCom achievements by M. Schulz
  6. announcement for next AeroCom workshop at Beijing in Sep 2016 to be hosted by X. Liu
  7. announcement for Kaufman Symposium near Washington,DC in Jun 2016


AeroCom oral presentations in presented order (see program)

  1. Simulated Trans-Atlantic Dust vs CALIPSO and ground data by H. Yu
  2. Proposal: Anthropogenic dust experiment by P. Ginoux
  3. Comparisons of Airborne HSRL and Modeled Aerosol Profiles by R. Ferrare
  4. Measurements of black carbon vertical profiles versus modeling by S. Schwarz
  5. A fire emission plume injection height parameterization by M. Val Martin
  6. Proposal: A New Aerosol Lidar Simulator for Climate Models by P.L. Ma
  7. Satellite Simulators for CFMIP by J. Quaas
  8. Satellite simulators for AeroCom exercises by P. Stier
  9. AeroCom Biomass Exp: Constraining emission with satellite data by M. Petrenko
  10. Impacts of S. Afr wildfire aerosols on SE Atlantic stratocumulus by X. Liu
  11. AeroCom Phase III Nitrate experiment: preliminary analysis by H. Bian
  12. Proposal: Sensitivity of nitrate aerosols to emissions/chemistry by F. Paulot
  13. AeroCom INSITU: in-situ obs at surface vs model simulations by B. Andrews
  14. Results from AeroCom III/HTAP2 model experiments by M. Chin
  15. Proposal of UTLS aerosol analysis by M. Chin
  16. Humidity: Comparisons to obs and radiative forcing impacts by B. Samset
  17. Radiative Forcing WG & Exp. on Aerosol Effects on Convection by P. Stier
  18. AeroCom semi-direct aerosol effect intercomparison exercise by G. Myhre
  19. Proposal: statistical approach to quantify model uncertainty by K. Carslaw
  20. Proposal: multi-model perturbed parameter ensemble (MMPPE) by L. Lee
  21. ESAs aerosol CCI initiative by T. Popp
  22. Control exercise to monitor model development by M. Schulz
  23. The Aerosols-Clouds-Precipitation-and-Climate (ACPC) initiative by J. Quaas B. Collins
  24. Tropospheric Volcanic Aerosols and Climate: impacts for testing by A. Gettelman


AerChemMIP oral presentations in presented order (see program)

  1. AerChemMIP by B. Collins
  2. CMIP 6 goals and status by V. Eyring
  3. AerChemMIP proposed experiments by B. Collins
  4. AerChemMIP points of discussions and diagnostics by M. Schulz
  5. RFMIP by A. Maycock for P. Forster
  6. Estimating aerosol effects on cloud radiative forcing by S. Ghan
  7. Historical and future emissions by S. Smith
  8. Tropospheric and stratospheric ozone data by M. Hegglin
  9. AeroCom2 Model Median data-sets by G. Myhre
  10. Aerosol Plume climatology (MACv2-SP) by S. Fiedler
  11. Atmospheric circulation as mediator of aerosol-driven climate impacts by M. Bollasina
  12. MERRA Version 2: the Goddard aerosol reanalysis 1979 to present by C. Randles
  13. Local and remote climate effects of regional pollutant emissions by A. Voulgarakis
  14. Emergent constraints in chemistry-climate interactions by K. Bowman
  15. The climate impact of changes in halocarbons and CO2 in tropical UTLS by T. Shepherd
  16. Coordinated climate response for stratospheric aerosol by C. Timmreck


AeroSAT oral presentations in presented order (see program)

  1. Brief introduction to AEROSAT and meeting goals by T. Popp
  2. Joint AOT-Single Scattering Albedo Retrieval in Algorithm MAIAC by A. Lyapustin
  3. IASI Dust algorithm inter-comparison in ESA Climate Change Initiative by L. Klüser
  4. Aerosol Composition Retrieval using Neural Networks by G. Curci
  5. Discussions on satellite model interactions by P. Stier
  6. Satellite data need to constrain direct/indirect effects by S. Ghan
  7. Introduction to aerosol type by T. Popp
  8. Aerosol typing, a key information by L. Mona
  9. Progress toward a global aerosol type climatology by R. Kahn
  10. Level-2 AOD median from multiple satellite sensor retrievals by C. Ichoku
  11. New Assessment of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions with ORAC (A)ATSR by M. Christensen
  12. Introduction to pixel uncertainty by G. De Leeuw
  13. Ensemble techniques to satellite remote sensing uncertainty estimation by A. Povey
  14. Pixel Level Uncertainty in MODIS AOD Dark Target Algorithm by F. Patadia
  15. Introduction to aerosol climate records by S. Pinnock
  16. Aerosol retrieval for MODIS, VIIRS and beyond by R. Levy
  17. MPF/MVIRI potential for aerosol retrieval by Y. Govaerts
  18. Towards an 11-year global gridded AOT reanalysis by P. Lynch
  19. Long-term AOD retrievals over land with AVHRR sensor data by Y. Xue


One-slide summaries of presented posters

  1. summary slides of poster-presentations (in alphabetical order by author)
Aerocom 2015 group picture