17th AeroCom / 6th AeroSat workshop
College Park, Maryland, USA, hosted by NOAA NESDIS, NASA Goddard and University of Maryland
15–19 October 2018
  • The AeroCom/AeroSAT section outlines the AeroCom/AeroSAT 2017 program, lists the participants, presents the submitted abstracts, contains workshop goals at the beginning of the workshop and workshop summary results and plans at the end of the workshop and announces the next AeroCom/AeroSAT meeting in September 2019 at Barcelona, Spain
  • The AeroCom/AeroSAT oral section contains AeroCom 2018 and AeroSAT 2018 oral presentations in the order of the program
  • The AeroCom/AeroSAT poster section contains a titles and summary slides of poster presentations at the AeroCom /AeroSAT 2018 meeting - in alphabetical order


NOTE: the presentations are in restricted access. As a participant of the workshop, you should have gotten login information.


  1. Program of the 17th AeroCom / 6th AeroSAT workshop
  2. Participant list
  3. Abstracts of presentations
  4. AeroCom goals for this workshop presented by M.Schulz
  5. AeroSat goals for this workshop presented by T.Popp and R.Kahn
  6. Welcome and logistics by S. Kondragunta
  7. AeroCom workshop summary and plans presented by M.Schulz
  8. Announcement for next 18th AeroCom / 7th AeroSAT workshop at Barcelona, Spain Park, MD in late Sep 2019 to be hosted by BSC


AeroCom and AeroSAT oral presentations in presented order (see program)

  1. Welcome and logistics by S. Kondragunta
  2. Quantifying the impact of industrial emissions on clouds by A. Povey
  3. Sensitive regimes and active regions of indirect effects over oceans by X. Zhao
  4. Spatial variations of AOD-CCN correlations & indirect.forcing implications by F. Yu
  5. Hawaiian volcano impact on aerosols, clouds, and energy budget by T. Yuan
  6. AERONET-from 1 to 600 by B. Holben
  7. Observationally constrained analysis of sea salt aerosol Cloud by H. Bian
  8. BB-Aerosol distributions over the SE Atlantic Ocean: CALIOP and HSRL by R. Ferrare
  9. CATS: 33 Months of Aerosol Vertical Profiles from the ISS by J. Yorks
  10. The limits of CALIOP for constraining modelled free-tropospheric aerosol by D. Watson-Parris
  11. Experiment overview by M. Schulz
  12. Optical property evaluations in AeroCom Cloud by M. Schulz
  13. Light scattering coefficient (rel humidity): in-situ vs global model Cloud by M. Burgos
  14. Anthropogenic dust experiment: preliminary results by P. Ginoux
  15. Biomass burning experiment: fire emission source and plume height by M.Petrenko snf R. Kahn
  16. Holuhraun ACI experiment by T. Takemura for F. Malavelle
  17. Aerosol GCM Trajectory Experiment by D.Neubauer for D. Partridge
  18. Interpreting AeroCom model errors from remote sensing observations by N. Schutgens
  19. Evaluating AeroCom phase III TOA fluxes using the CERES product by W. Su
  20. Multi-Model Perturbed Parameter Ensemble (MMPPE)Cloud by D. Watson-Parris for L.Lee
  21. AeroCom aircraft comparison experiments by D. Watson-Parris
  22. Emissions data: a multi-model sensitivity evaluation by S. Smith
  23. Black carbon radiative effect sensitivity to emitted particle size by H. Matsui
  24. Black carbon lifetime inferred from a global set of aircraft observations by M. Lund
  25. Rapid adjustments of black carbon dependency on the vertical profile by G. Myhre
  26. Aerosol absorption: Why is it so hard to constrain? by B. Samset
  27. Linking dust optical properties to African and mid-east source regions by G. Schuster
  28. Global distribution of threshold of wind erosion from satellite data by B. Pu
  29. African dust and Trans-Atlantic dust transport: satellite vs GEOS-5 by H. Yu
  30. Net radiative effects of dust over the Atlantic: satellite vs in-situ by Z. Zhang
  31. Stratospheric and tropospheric aerosol retrievals by PK. Bhartia
  32. Developing an integrated aerosol climatology via LEO and GEO satellites by R. Levy
  33. Using small satellite constellations for ACI (Aerosol Cloud Interactions) by V. Martins
  34. Synergetic retrieval of AOD over land from GEO satellite GEOS-R Data by S. Kondragunta
  35. Global aerosol direct radiative effect estimates based on CALIOP by D. Winker
  36. Aerosol radiative effects with MACv2 by S. Kinne
  37. Elevated aerosol pollution in a warmer world (enhanced land aridity) by R. Allen
  38. Impact of marine and shipping aerosol emissions in a warming Arctic by D. Neubauer
  39. AeroCom and ACAM ? common interests by M. Chin
  40. AeroCom wrap-up and outlook by M. Schulz
  41. Introduction to AeroSAT 2018 by R.Kahn and T.Popp
  42. Reflections on modeling needs / integration model + satellite by P. Colarco
  43. Consistent algorithm science across satellite sensors for AOD Retrieval by H. Liu
  44. Introduction to climate data records by O.Torres
  45. Merging aerosol optical depth from multiple satellite missions by L. Sogacheva
  46. AOD above clouds: 12-year OMI record and others by H. Jethva
  47. GCOS aerosol requirements /statement of guidance by O. Kalashnikova
  48. Introduction to retrieval pixel uncertainties by A. Povey
  49. Characterizing retrieval uncertainties? interim status by A. Sayer
  50. Update on MODIS-DT pixel level uncertainties by F. Patadia
  51. Introduction to new opportubities and the NASA concept to ?aerosol? in the 2017 Earth Science Decadal Survey by F. Seidel
  52. NASA's Atmospheric Tomography Mission by C. Williamson
  53. Aerosol remote sensing with the upcoming NASA PACE mission by K. Knobelspiesse
  54. Introductions to intercomparisons by R.Levy
  55. GEWEX-GDAP inter-comparisons by S.Kinne
  56. Can we improve satellite retrievals of Angström exponent over land? by A. Lipponen
  57. Introduction to aerosol typing by G. Schuster
  58. Connecting model ? satellite aerosol type by L. Mona
  59. Components derived from MAC v2 optics (modal AOD, AAOD, re) by S. Kinne
  60. Global aerosol types for assessment of direct radiative effects by N. Meskhidze
  61. Introduction to aerosol cloud retrieval associations by B. Lefer
  62. Satellite-based ACI estimates with refined CCN approximations by Y. Shinozuka
  63. Droplet number concentrations: GEOS-Chem/CAM vs MODIS retrievals by G. Luo


One-slide summaries of presented posters

  1. offers 1 page summary slides of poster-presentations of AeroCom/AeroSAT 2018 (in alphabetical order by author)
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Aerocom 2018 social dinner