Atmospheric Composition and Asian Monsoon (ACAM)

Motivation: The Asian monsoon system is a major component in Earth’s climate. Given rapid population and economic growth across the Asian monsoon region, serious concern has emerged that coupling between the monsoon system and surface emissions is having increasingly significant effects not only on regional air quality but also on global atmospheric composition. This proposed activity represents a coordinated modeling and analysis effort among the AeroCom, CCMI, and ACAM communities to study interactions between Asian air pollution and the monsoon system. In Part 1 of ACAM as stated in this docoment, we will only focus on aerosols simulated by global models. In Part 2, we may focus on trace gases by global models, and in Part 3 aerosols and trace gases by regional models.

Objectives: (1) Compare and evaluate model-simulated aerosol and related species in the Asian monsoon region with observations from remote sensing and recent ground-based and aircraft measurements; (2) Identify and examine pathways of trace gases and aerosols in the UTLS above the Asian monsoon with respect to the monsoon anticyclone, large-scale transport, and atmospheric chemistry; (3) Investigate interactions between Asian pollution and monsoon meteorology

A more detailed description can be find here ACAM_experiment_description_V10.pdf.

accepting model submissions
31 July 2020
Xiaohua Pan,
Jonathon Wright,
Mian Chin,