NASA EVS Atmospheric Tomography Mission (ATom) provided unprecedented and rich measurements for aerosols, clouds, precursor gases, and meteorological fields over global oceans. In this study, we aim to address the AeroCom multi-model simulations of aerosols, new particle formation, and clouds constrained by ATom measurements, as well as measurements from various satellites and ground platforms. The study will cover remote regions over the Pacific, Atlantic, and Southern Oceans from near surface to ~12 km altitude and covers four seasons. We will reveal any new scientific findings and discuss current potential problems in AeroCom model simulations constrained by ATom measurements from process levels.

accepting model submissions. Last update: Mar. 6, 2019.
31 July 2019
Huisheng Bian,
Christina Williamson,
Mian Chin,

Document(s) with more info:

Experiment description: ATom_AeroCom_plan_v3.docx

ATom 1-4 flighttracks:

Diagnostic requests: See Phase III CTRL-X diagnostics (sheets of 'aermonthly-2d', 'aermonthly-3d', and 'atFlightTrack')