AeroCom Control 2016

The model versions used for the different experiments are often not easily comparable. New model versions should be documented regularly to establish a state of the art comparison yearly. For this purpose AeroCom offers a semi-automatic platform with visualization via the AeroCom webinterface. Evaluation with surface observations and Aeronet observations will complete the documentation of emissions, removal, burden, lifetime of the major aerosol species.

In 2016 additional motivation we try to revisit the AeroCom evaluation done in 2006. Also - several experiments have been launched (in-situ optical properties, size, biomass burning, dust, nitrate and detailed 3h hourly evaluation to remote sensing data) which should be linked through common output. Also - models prepare for CMIP6 and might be interested in quick feedback.

Deadline for model submissions to be analysed before the Beijing AeroCom workshop: 1.September, on the condition that formatting and naming of files follows the instructions below.
Michael Schulz,

Experiment name: AP3-CTRL2016-PD and AP3-CTRL2016-PI

Two experiments:
One with current eg HTAPv2 emissions (*-PD)
One with preindustrial emissions (*-PI)
OR better using the new CMIP6 emissions….

Output request

Output requested (2D fields, Monthly averages, preferably model nudged to year 2010 meteorology):

EMI-Emissions: BC, OA, SO2, DMS, NOx, VOC, DUST, SS
(column integrated, if emission at altitude, eg SOA is accumulated in OA emissions)
LOAD-Column Loads: BC, OA, SO4, NO3, DUST, SS
SCONC-Surface concentrations: PM10, PM25, BC, OA, SO4, NO3, DUST, SS
DEP-Total Deposition: BC, OA, SO4, NO3, DUST, SS
OD550-Aerosol optical depth @550nm: AER, fine mode AER, coarse mode AOD, (tier 2: BC, OA, SO4, NO3, DUST, SS)
Total AOD effective in radiative forcing code (OD550AER) and clearsky AOD (od550csaer)

SWTOA-Top of Atm Fluxes clear-sky and all-sky :

AER, fine mode AER, coarse mode (//tier 2:// AOD, BC, OA, SO4, NO3, DUST, SS) \\

LWTOA-Fluxes clear-sky and all-sky : AER, fine mode AER, coarse mode
CCN Number concentration @ 850 hPa
IN Number concentration @ 100 hPa
Total Cloud cover
Cloud Water Path
Low level cloud cover
Precipitation rate

One file per variable and year. Variable names: emioa, emibc, …depbc…swtoacsaer, swtoaasaer…

Use latest variable names from AerChemMIP, and units, standard names as given in these tables:

AerChemMIP tables in EXCEL: EXCEL tables of AerChemMIP data request


The directory /media/scratch/incoming/AEROCOM-P3-AUTO-UPLOAD allows for automatic incorporation into the AeroCom database and workup. Uploaded files are processed automatically by the AeroCom tools and transferred into the AeroCom phase III data directory. (Still in testphase, please send an email also to and

If correct in format and with correct filenames, results uploaded here will be processed over night and appear after few days as image catalogue on

Short Recipe (Long version:

1) Name files according to HTAPII/AeroComPhaseIII standards. One file per year and variable
for example

2) Check for cf compliance some files (

3a) obtain account on aerocom-users server

3) create directory on server:
Use exactly the same model name as used for file names. Attention to lower&upper case!!

4) Put files directly into this “renamed” directory.
And send e-mail to jan.griesfeller and michael.schulz and anna.benedictow