Biomass Burning emissions

BB experiment aims to compare the performance of the global models in simulating transport and optical properties of biomass burning emissions. We provide a set of about 400 fire&smoke cases observed by MODIS instrument (mostly on Terra satellite) in 2008, and compare model-simulated AOD to those observed by MODIS, as well as intercompare model properties. Given that all models are using the same BB emission input (GFEDv3 inventory) any differences in the output will indicate the differences between model configuration. Patterns in the model-model and model-satellite differences reveal nuances in either emission inventory or model setup that produce these differences. We expect to have some constructive feedback for both inventory developers and model groups regarding modeling the BB emissions. A detailed description can be found here (updated November 26, 2014): File

Mariya Petrenko,
Ralph Kahn,

Model Descriptions (Questionnaires filled by the groups in 2015): CAM5 (Kai Zhang, Hailong Wang, Xiaohong Liu): CAM5_Liu.xlsx CAM5_References_forAeroComQuestionnaie_Liu.docx CIFS (Johannes Kaiser, Samuel Remy): Aerocom_BB_models_Questionnaire_CIFS.xlsx CIFS_Figures_forQuestionnaire.pdf CIFS_References_forAeroComQuestionnaire.docx ECHAM6-SALSA (Tero Mielonen, Tommi Bergman):Aerocom_BB_models_Questionnaire_ECHAM6-SALSA.xlsx GEOS-CHEM (Gabriele Curci, Anna Protonotariou): Aerocom_BB_models_Questionnaire_GEOS-CHEM.xlsx GOCART (Mian Chin, Mariya Petrenko): Aerocom_BB_models_Questionnaire_GOCART.xlsx HadGEM3 (Ben Johnson): Aerocom_BB_models_Questionnaire_Johnson_HadGEM3-2.xlsx OsloCTM2 (Ragnhild Bieltvedt Skeie, Gunnar Myhre) Aerocom_BB_models_Questionnaire_1_OsloCTM2_final.xlsx SPRINTARS (Toshihiko Takemura): Aerocom_BB_models_Questionnaire_1_SPRINTARS.xlsx SPRINTARS_References_forAeroComQuestionnaie.docx GISS ModelE (Keren Mezuman, Susanne Bauer, Kostas Tsigaridis): Aerocom_BB_models_Questionnaire_GISSModelE.xlsx