The vertical distribution of aerosols: lidar measurements vs. model simulations
Ferrare, R.A., Browell, E.V., Hair, J.W., Ismail, S., Turner, D.D., Clayton, M., Butler, C.F., Brackett, V.G., Fenn, M.A., Notari, A. and Kooi, S.A.
Reviewed and revised papers presented at the 23rd International Laser Radar Conference, Nara Japan

The vertical distributions of aerosols simulated by global aerosol models are evaluated using aerosol profiles measured by two lidars. Aerosol extinction profiles and aerosol optical thickness (AOT) simulated by aerosol models participating in the Aerosol module inter-Comparison in global models (AEROCOM) project are compared with Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility (CRF) Raman lidar (CARL) measurements acquired during 2000 and 2001. Average aerosol extinction profiles from the AEROCOM models typically show good agreement with the Raman lidar profiles above about 2 km; below 2 km the average model profiles are significantly (30-50%) lower than the Raman lidar profiles. The vertical variability in the average model aerosol extinction profiles is less than the variability in the corresponding Raman lidar profiles.