Remote Sensing evaluation for AeroCom Control 2016

As part of the CTRL2016 experiment, we propose a remote sensing evaluation of models using a variety of satellite sensors (MODIS, PARASOL, AATSR) and ground networks (AERONET, SKYNET). The only requirement to contribute to this experiment is high-frequency (3-hourly) output of a few model fields (such as AOD).

Remote sensing groups have provided us with aggregated (1 by 1 degree) observations. Model data will be collocated with these observations to reduce as much as possible spatio-temporal sampling issues. The evaluation should allow us to study model error in the context of observational uncertainty (estimated from ground site comparisons and diversity among satellite datasets). Interpretation of results will be facilitated by the regular CTRL2016 experiment information on emissions, depositions etc.

Submissions still accepted but contact Nick first
Nick Schutgens,

Column with diagnostic requests in excel sheet: 3 hourly 2D and 3D aerosol fields (mostly AOT)

Document(s) with more info: aerocom3_CTRL2016_RemSens_v2.pdf or by emailing Nick Schutgens.